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Governing Board

Each NFSB School & Adult/Vocational Centre has its own Governing Board as mandated by the Quebec Education Ministry. Governing Boards are made up of parents and staff members. Working together with the school principal, the Governing Board plays a vital role in determining a school’s direction.

Governing Boards are responsible for approving and overseeing a variety of issues including: the school’s educational projects, implementing the school’s regulation policy, the time allocated to each subject, the school budget and the student supervision policy.

Our 2021-2022 Members

  • Tracy Massicotte, Chair
  • Stephanie Boutin, Parent
  • Céline Desautels, Parent
  • Myriam Doucet, Parent
  • Marie-Eve Lalonde, Parent
  • Sarah Price, Parent
  • Linda Bond, Staff
  • Diane Donnelly, Staff
  • Krystina Bouchard, Staff
  • Lynda Loiselle, Staff
  • Brigitte Barrette, Principal
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